The Future of Audio DACs is Here

Future-proof Audio DACs bring the true sound of your music to you. The sound quality is as perfect as being there.


It’s about the remarkable sound! VERITAS includes all the features our customers have come to expect in our award winning products.

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Mirus Pro

Outstanding DACs for the ultimate in performance. MIRUS PRO uses eight channels of the ES9028PRO Sabre DAC for each stereo channel, a total of 16 channels.

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Invicta Pro

Our fully-featured exceptional audio DAC product with every interface you expect, plus the SDCard reader for next-generation music storage and playback.

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We have listened to customers and industry experts who asked us to deliver a sound signature similar to that of the INVICTA with fewer features and in a simplified format. CONCERO is that product.

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HERUS is our smallest form factor DAC. HERUS fits perfectly in your laptop bag or pocket, and replaces the functionality of the soundcard normally found in a laptop or desktop computer.

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Awards and Recognition

just a few of our awards…