Headphone Amp.

INVICTA, once again, exceeds expectations.  The headphone amplifier circuitry has its own dedicated Sabre DAC chip for uncompromising performance. And, we provide two headphone outputs not just one. Each output is totally independant and can drive even the most demanding headphone sets. Both are Class A amplifiers each capable of volume control from 0 to-127dB adjustable in 0.5dB steps.

“ Let’s just get it out of the way: the Invicta is simply the best headphone source I have listened to…… No distortion. The Invicta handled everything thrown at it with aplomb. Indeed no detectable bias towards any particular aspect of the sound. Bass, mids and treble were all clearly definable. What is particularly extraordinary is hearing everything given its own space and sense of “air”.
Steven, reviewer AVforums.com

“Seating a 6.3mm headphone jack in one of the Invicta’s ports turns her into Evicta. You’re evicted from this reality and ‘invicted’ into colossal refined detail.”
Srajan Ebaen, Publisher, 6-moons.com