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Future-proof Audio DACs bring the true sound of your music to you. The sound quality is as perfect as being there.

Bold Deals on B Units Available Now

From time to time we have what we refer to as ‘B’ units available.
These could be units that have been returned to us following review or
units that have met our stringent technical specs but have blemishes of
some kind usually due to glitches in the Anodizing process. We offer
these units at discounted prices.

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Holding spot .. more soon ...

Jul 16, 2017

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Upgrade your MIRUS to MIRUS PRO

ESS has released the ESS9028PRO – it is even better than the ES9018 – it has rave reviews and sounds better then ...

Jun 26, 2016

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VERITAS Initial Release April 8th 2016

VERITAS: the first of the next generation. Bringing the ES9028PRO to the audiophile, a new sound, a new ...

Apr 8, 2016

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Announcing The New VERITAS

Experience music the way it was meant to be heard. The VERITAS is our newest audio DAC. In celebration of the fact that we are the first company to introduce a product that has the PRO series Sabre chip at its core we are offering a choice of three colors, Black, Silver and Gold.

Vertas Dac Display 1

What is a DAC?

A DAC is a Digital-to-Audio-Converter. It is an electronic processor inside a media device that transforms digital audio information into an analog signal. Using a high-quality DAC will provide you with the highest quality digital sound, as good as when the music was originally recorded.

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