Downloading and Installing

All three of our CONCERO products (CONCERO, CONCERO HD and CONCERO HP) are upgradeable via a USB connection to a computer. We offer upgrade utilities for both the Windows platform (XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and Mac OS X. Please follow the instructions below to download the appropriate updater (the updater differs for each model of CONCERO).

Step 1: Install pre-requisites

The CONCERO updater requires the .NET framework. The .NET framework is installed by default on all modern Windows installations. However, on Mac OS X platforms you will need to load the Mono framework. The mono framework can be installed from here: Mono Framework.

Step 2: Download Installer

Please download the software that corresponds with your operating system:


Step 3: Unpackage Updater

Unzip the updater to a location of your choice.


Step 4: Perform Update

Run the CONCERO updater program while the CONCERO is plugged in via USB. The CONCERO updater requires the use of a USB 2.0 or USB 1.0 port to work properly. Once the updater has found your device you may follow the on-screen directions. Note: The updater computer will require an internet connection to retrieve the most up-to-date firmware for your device.


Step 5: Enjoy!

Enjoy the newly upgraded firmware on your CONCERO audio device! If you run into any issues while performing an upgrade, please try closing the updater, unplugging the CONCERO and then trying again.