Upgrade your MIRUS to MIRUS PRO

ESS has released the ESS9028PRO – it is even better than the ES9018 – it has rave reviews and sounds better then the prior generation.

Listen to the remarkable ESS9028PRO and experience it yourself. We at Resonessence moved quickly to upgrade our MIRUS product to include the ESS9028PRO, and the good news is that we will upgrade every MIRUS that we previously sold with the new 9028 for $1000US.

Here is how it works:

  1. First call or Email Resonessence for an RMA number – you must do this so that Resonessence can create the international paper work you will need to send the unit back for upgrade.
    Call Canada (+1) 778-477-5536 or Email to sales@resonessence.com. We will ask you for the serial number of the unit at this time.
  2. Wait for us to send you the RMA number and the international paperwork. Print the RMA number on external packaging, and attach the paperwork for customs.
  3. We will inform you when the package arrives and at this point ask you to send the $1000US – by Paypal, CC, or similar.
  4. Fourteen days or less after we receive the funds, the unit will be shipped back to you. Please note we ask that you pay for shipping both ways.