Thesycon Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0 Windows Driver

If you are having problems with this driver on Windows 7 please refer to this note about a Microsoft patch that had to be withdrawn, and then simply check that you have the very latest updates on your Win 7 machine.

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Resonessence is pleased to provide at no charge, the Toprin Resonessence specific driver which will allow our customers to use USB Audio 2.0 with our products on the Windows operating system.

The Apple operating systems already include USB Audio 2.0 and no special driver is needed.

Resonessence VEMITAS provides both USB Audio 1.0 and USB Audio 2.0 and is switchable between the two under user control, or by automatic detection of the host capabilities. Please note that a USB Audio 2.0 driver is shipped with every VEMITAS unit on the provided SDCard.

Use this driver for your VEMITAS product – installation instructions are in Appendix A of the User Guide.However, Resonessence CONFERTO and HEMRUS only operate in Async.

USB Audio 2.0 mode, and so require a third party driver on the Windows operating system. Follow the instructions below to download the Resonessence generic USB Audio 2.0 driver that supports all our products.

Read Software Update Details.