Software Update

Software Update

Our Products has the ability to accept feature updates from Resonessence. For example, since initial release of our products we have added many new capabilities, including SDXC Card reading, FLAC file types, advanced up sampling filters, DSD over USB, DSD from the SD card.

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All these things are possible due to the our product FPGA based processing cores, and the provision of a FLASH memory for software. All these features apply to all product ever produced: we will always provide updates no matter whether you have had our products of many years, or are considering purchasing one in near future.

Updates are easy to install: download the file from our website, unzip it and put it on an SD Card. Details can be found at the link above.

The Resonessence products are supported by a third-party Asynchronous USB 2.0 Audio driver that you can install on your Windows PC. [ If you have an Apple Operating System connected to a Resonessence product no special driver in neeeded: Apple OS’s include the USB 2.0 Audio.

It is essential to un-install the older Resonessence driver before installing this latest one.

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